Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ever get that feeling that you know something will happen?

Last night Pete and I were on the bike on backroads home. We were going the posted speed limit - 45 - on a road that leads up to a little lake. All the sudden this blue 4 door car passes us like we were standing still. To add to it, we were in a no passing zone. There was a car about 1000 yards ahead of us that he also passed in a no passing zone.

I said, "If he continues like that he'll never make it around the lake." The lake road as s curves that follow the shoreline of the lake. As we got to a hill about 1000 yards from the lake we see the car pass yet anothe car like it's standing still and in another no passing zone right before the lake.

About a minute later we round a curve in the lake and there is the car. It had gone around a bend that curved away from the lake too fast and when he took the next bend he headed to the lake fast. He had to overcorrect to avoid going off the bank into the lake. When he did he crashed headfirst into a tree on the opoosite side. He hit so hard that the engine was partially in the passenger compartment. His airbag went off. And it took a huge chunk out of the tree and swong the car 180 degrees so the back end was opposite of the direction he was going.

We got there only seconds afterwards and he was out of the car. Only he was calling his friend to tell him that he got in an accident. A motorist had stopped & just connected with 911. I gave the location and they send squads out. The driver couldn't have been more than 17/18. He said he was ok and continued talking to his friend. Then he called his mom.

I told Pete that I didn't want to get the kid in trouble, but that we needed to stay to talk to the police and let them know how fast he was going. That this wasn't just an accident that couldn't be avoided. When the police got there he tried to tell them that there was an oncoming car. Only we never saw an oncoming car go our way so it would have had to turn into one of the houses as there are no roads. We let the police know that he was going way to fast & passing illegally. They took Pete's name and number.

You know, that kid has an angel on his shoulders. The car is totalled. He had to have been going about 40-45 with the force of the crash and the skid marks. He is indded lucky that he survived.

It was weird and made me shake. Almost like I knew that it was going to happen and then it did.

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