Monday, July 28, 2008


When we go places on the bike I see the back of Pete's head. I can lean around either side of his head a little to see some of what is in front of us, but I can't see it all. Because I sit over the back wheel I feel every little bump. Sometimes the bumps are so small that I hardly feel them. Others, it feels like my spine was compressed and I lost about 5 inches of height. Pete's really good about alerting me to most bumps by yelling "BUMP!" right before he hits it.

Friday night we ran some errands and went to dinner. On the way home we decided to check out the movies. We ended up seeing Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's a little far fetched in the storyline, but very funny. Brendan Fraiser's character keeps telling the others what is coming during the eciting scenes and it reminded me of Pete telling me that there was a bump coming up.

We left the theater a little after 11pm and decided to take back roads home, rather than the freeway. It was such a beautful night. I spent a lot of it with my head tilted back looking at the stars. There are things you experience on the back of a motorcycle that you will never experience anywhere else.

About halfway home, and as I was staring up, I hear Pete yell "WET!" which means that the road ahead is wet and I'm probably going to get a little wet as we ride through. No problem, I check by looking around his head and then go back to staring up at the sky. Then I hear this little voice ahead of me say "oh no." Softly. So I peer back around his head and yell, "THAT'S NOT WET! THAT'S A FARM SPRINKLER!!!" The farmer had it set too close to the road. So I ducked my head and we rode through one of those huge farm sprinklers.

It was as if we were in our own little movie. Our own little action adventure.

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