Monday, March 31, 2008

Less than 6 months!

Yikes! My little countdown timer is less than 6 months. Which makes me excited, but thenI look at that list of things to do and that I need to do and I panic a little. A little.

I think I found it. You know, I.T. The dress. The one tha you slip on and instantly it feels like you. the one that you look at and smile inwardly and outwardly. The one that feels good and makes you feel like a princess, even if only a little. The one that hides your flaws and accentuates your perfect parts. IT. I'm going back to the store tonight (long story) to try it on.

Oh, you want to hear the story? Kim graciously agrees to take a half day off of work to come with me to try on dresses. Also so that she can choose a dress that she likes and makes her feel good. Although I was dumb and forgot to make an appointment at the 2 places that we planned on going. When we got to the little shop, I was told that I would need an appointment absolutely. So I made one for the following morning and we went to david's Bridal. I tried some on and there was one that was like a Greek Goddess gown that looked really good on me and I felt reaaly good it in. But I was waiting for that magical moment that said, this is IT! And it never came. So the next morning I go back to the little shop by myself to try on a huge line of dresses. The first one. It just felt magical. And I love it.

Address Labels
My new obsession. Don't ask me why, but I picked up some thank you cards at Target that match the colors in the wedding and are cute. Then I decided that we, or rather I, needed address labels for the thank yous and other things that would be sent out. I think I've decided on these: Stacy Clair Boyd from InvitationBox . They're graphic & match the colors of the wedding.

Keep praying for Pete's Dad. He's been in the hospital for almost a month. He gets better then has a setback and we're hoping that he is on the mend now and on track to come home soon.

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