Thursday, March 27, 2008

My birthday week is redeemed

Long time no write. I have been busy at home and at work. Really busy. But I think I'm caught up for the moment so that I can update me life here.

For the first time in several years my birthday week did not suck. I had a nice week and a good birthday. We went to our favorite German restaurant with my family and had great food. I got some cash form my family and from Pete? Well I got the 101 Dalmations re-release in cartoon and the Monster Truck Wii game that we have been coveting! I love it. Alison was so cute at the restaurant. She had everyone write their name and age on their placemats and hold them up so everyone at the table could see. She is writing so well!

Wedding planning is still going strong. I have a pink binder with ideas, lists and things to do. Pete laughs at me, but I need something to keep me in the know. Tomorrow Kim and I are going to look at dresses for us. I'm EXCITED!

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