Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Who says cutting the grass isn't fun?

Ok, it started out innocently. The grass was really long and it looked like it was going to rain. I hurried home about 5:30 and ran around pulling out all the torches to get at least the back yard mowed before it rained. After the backyard I rewarded myself with a beer. Afterall, I had just spent 45 minutes mowing and needed a reward - right?

Ok, now onto the front yard. I wrestled with the hose to get it rolled up off the lawn and started mowing. Halfway through I started feeling drops of rain. CRAP. I hurried through the rest of the mowing. Again, I rewarded myself with a beer. I had just accomplished a great deal in an hour and a half and needed that reward.

Hmmm, what to do now? Throw the ball to the dog. Ok, well, I should have a beer with me to do that. Right? Sure - I was thirsty and it tasted pretty good.

Somehow between 7-8:30 I had consumed 4 more beers. At this point I was on the patio talking with Stacy about the house and what projects we should/could tackle soon. I mentioned that I'd like to get the bushes trimmed soon. I tried trimming them about a month ago in the front yard. They're hard to trim by yourself. You have to cut & stand back to see where to cut next and then go in for the cut & go back. Such a process.

Stacy said we should just trim them now. Sure! Good idea, afterall, we're just sitting talking. So she gets the bush trimmer and I start in on the first bush. When I make my first cut, it registers that I've had 7 beers and maybe me with a cutting instrument isn't a good idea, but I brush it off and continue. Cut. Cut. Cut. I cut where Stacy tells me to and it turns out ok, at least ok while on 7 beers. On to the next one. Stacy is cutting and the trimmer's battery is dying and my direction isn't so great. There are big areas in the sides that need more cutting and one spot in the front that's pretty bare. Oh well. We go through another bush and at this point, the trimmer is dead. We'll finish tomorrow.

Hmm, those bushes are crooked, bare & ugly! Spots are trimmed way to much and other areas are poking out with branches. I'm really glad they're in the backyard and no one but us can see them. Further trimming is not going to help these things.

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