Wednesday, August 11, 2004

For the love of me, stop the singing.

Ever have one of those coworkers? The ones that sing? Well, I have have one that not only sings, but also mimics instruments. He is a really nice guy. but...(yeah you knew there was a but coming) he's going to drive me insane. I frequently listen to a full marching band across the hall - tuba, sax, flute and drums. band music. I didn't like band music when I was in band, I certainly don't like it at 34 years old. At one point I had made enough comments that he stopped the band music. then he started whistling. That drove me nuts. I could never figure out what he was whistling. It sounded like a song, but I couldn't place it. I made some more comments hoping that too would go away. Then it was singing. Full out singing a song at a normal talking level. Ok, enough, More comments and we're back to band music. I guess if I have to choose one, that's the one I'll live with - but I won't like it.

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