Sunday, August 08, 2004

Del's Hair

It was a really quiet day, until about 7:30. That's when someone opened the garage door & banged on the door to the house. Not many people have the code to open the door, so I wasn't really scared of burglars or anything. It was the sudden loud banging on the GLASS DOOR that freaked me out. Stacy and I came out as the garage door was closing with what I'm assuming was much the same look of astonishment on our faces.

I pushed the button to open the door back up and there was Sherri and Del. I wish I had a video camera (and I'll say that many more times). Sherri was drunk and in the 8 or so years that I've known her, I've only seen her drunk one other time. She's so controlled and and so exact that it takes a lot for her to let loose - and let loose she had. She and Del and intended on biking all day, but it started to rain and they changed plans to hit every tiny bar on the way home. When Stacy asked Sherri what got into her to drink she kept replying, "Beer!" Hmmm, obviously beer, but what started it? "Beer!" She reminded me of a parrot, repeating the same phrase.

Sherri sat in the kitchen asking for food. When I asked her what she wanted, her reply was, "I need carbs. got and chicken wings?" Ok, I'm not a food expert here, but I don't think chicken falls into the carb family. She ended up eating the rest of the cheese bread I had for dinner.

At that point Del asked if we would cut his hair. Really. Cut His Hair. Del, the 40 something guy who still has the 70's hair. In fact we secretly refer to it as 70's porn star hair. I immediately said no. Stacy and Shane jumped on it though. Stacy got out he new Ikea scissors I bought last week, the huge ones and said she'd do it. I suggested that since we had consumed a beer a piece and it looked that that would continue, she use the small or even medium ones and refrain from cutting any Del parts off with the huge ones.

So, beers in hang, KQ on the radio, we go into the garage to begin the cutting. At this point I'm convinced Del is crazy. No one in their right mind would ask some almost drunk friends to cut their hair - right? Del puts on one of Shane's t-shirts because we have no hair cutting cape like Great Clips. he sits down in the chair and looks up expectantly at the three of us. Again I'm thinking that I really need to have a video camera. This is too good to miss, but I guess memory and still photographs will have to do.

For the next hour we go at Del's hair. Stacy in what I call the 'stab & cut' method. She's stand behind/beside him and spy a piece of hair that shouldn't be there and quickly put the scissors in for the cut & pull back just as quick. Shane on the other hand was more gentle. He would put his hand under Del's chain (because he was looking at the floor the whole time) and push it up. Then he'd take one hand and pull hair up, much like a hair dresser, and cut the whole section of hair.

After about an hour of cutting we pronounced it complete. Del went and looked at it and sit he liked it. Some part of me thinks that he regretted cutting it as he kept saying, "It grows back so fast." over and over again.

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