Monday, August 16, 2004

Small Towns Crack Me UP!

By no means do I think I come from "the big city" and I'm all worldly. Not at all. But when you travel to a town that has a sign that says "Population 168" you realize what small town really is. In fact, I don't even know if it's considered a town. Maybe it's just a township?

Anyway, I was there for their town celebration. I'm sure there were other things that occured before we got there on Saturday. Or then again, maybe when the town is small, there is only a 1 dya celebration? Back to the celebration. There was a parade earlier that we missed, but I heard they threw candy. When we got there, the food vendors were still there, there was a band scheduled for later on and a street dance.


Coming from my area I was thinking that a swap was where people went to sell items - kind oflike a big garage sale. Nope. It was a animal swap. People from all over come to the sawp with animals to either swap out animal to animal to prevent inbreeding or to swap different animals for what they need at the time. I know you're asking yourself if this really is true and I swear I'm not making this up.

The Dance

Turns out the street dance isn't in the street because there's really only 1 street. Can't be blocking off the 1 street a town has, can we? So it's was behind the bar in town. One band sounded much like CCR, but played all kinds of music from 50's to pop to country.

But those town people and the people from surrounding towns weren't ready for us. Somehow we seemed to stick out as if we had "cityfolk" written across our foreheads. Maybe we danced differently? Maybe the fact that we were drinking something other than Miller Beer from cans. Whatever it was, we were separated from the rest of the gathering.

So one of my friends decided to be her usuall social self. She started out by going up to groups of 3 & 4 people huddled together talking to introduce herself. She may have been speaking another language. They looked at her like she was foreign and went back to their conversations. She pressed on though and finally found a group of guys to talk to. One of them dared her to go dance around a guy who was a horrible dancer & see if he would start dancing with her. Of course, can't turn down a dare and off she went. The guy did dance with her and she came back smiling because she had completed her mission.

We talked & danced the rest of the night, freqently going back to the car to get our beer. On one trip my friend pointed to a guy walking by and said, "Hey, there's the bad dancer!" and called him over. The beginnning of the conversation was good. Then she said to him, "Do you know you can't dance?" His mouth hung open, but he quickly recovered and asked he what she meant. She spent about 5 minutes telling him what a bad dancer he was and why. Then, all fo a sudden she says to he and I, "Well, it looks like you two want to hang out and talk some more alone, so I'll leave you to it." and ran off.

What am I supposed to do with that? Really what can you offer a guy who has just spent 5 minutes being isulted by your friend? Because he obviously thought he was a great dancer. So I looked up at him and said, "Don't worry about her, I'm sure you're a fine dancer." And I got, "Hey do you was to go to the next town over to a dance club?" Nope, nada, no way, un-uh, never-in-your-life. So I casually say, "No, but lets go back & find those girls." Luckily he complied.

Me to my friend: "Don't ever do that again!"
Her: "But I didn't know what else to say."
Me: "No shit, neither did I!"

The rest of the night wasn't nearly as entertaining. But I can't wait to go back again next year.

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