Sunday, August 22, 2004

Random things

Ok, so on my way to and from my date tonight I remembered how much I love 50's/60's music. It's nostalgic - but it's not nostalgic in that it's from my youth. Well, not really - it's my Dad's music and I grew up listening to it. SO much that I can sing most of the songs. Cool really, to listen to music that your parents loved in their teens. I always wonder if they listened to a particiular song that I like and if they liked it back then. It also seems so innocent - like nothing bad would happen if all people did was listen to that music. Although I know that my parent's youth was a string of worldly tragedies and upheaval. I should listen to it more often though.

The Date

Ok, so I never know what to do in situations like this. I had a good time... but there was no spark. I've had good times before and no spark & the 2nd date told me either yes or no. But sometimes I feel like I leading a man on when I agree to a second date and then try to tell him I'm not interested. We met for a quick dinner at the food court in the mall, walked the mall and saw a movie. He paid for it all which always makes me feel guilty, even though I tried to pay. It was his first date in 12 years - first date since he and his wife were divorced 2 years ago. How's that for pressure!! I think I'll have to sleep on this and figure it out.

Oh Yeah...

And when a first date tells you that you'll be going to dinner & a movie it may mean you'll walk around the mall for an hour first. So, unlike me, wear shoes that don't create one blister on the bottom of your right foot, one blister on your big right toe and completely wear away the blister on your left big toe. Just an FYI...

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