Friday, August 27, 2004

Sleep, or my lack there of!

Do you think that someplace there is someone who is getting my sleep? For whatever reason, I get into these stretches where I cannot sleep all night. I think everything is going good and I lay down in bed and fall asleep - hard - for about an hours or two. Then I spend the rest of the night laying awake sondering why I can't fall back asleep.

Last night I was tired & fell asleep shortly after 10pm. I was awake by 12:30 and up until about 5am. Makes for a hard day at work. What did I do in those 4 1/2 hours? Well, watched the Olympics. thank God for those right now, at least the quality of late night TV is improved with some options to watch those. Normally I have my choice between 3 channels that are promoting the Girls Gone Wild series, 3 channels that are promoting weight loss, a couple of channels promoting how to make a lot of money and one or two channels having to do something with improving a male sex drive. Needless to say, I'm thankful for the Olympics.

I get on the internet and check the message boards that I belong to. Hoping that there is something "good" that's happened since the last time I logged on. Posting weird thoughts in the middle of the night that later on I ask myself why. I search for news that may have occurred since I fell asleep and wonder why everyone isn't doing the same thing.

Then I try to read. This is a double edged sword. At one end I hope that I have a book that I'm "into" so I can get absorbed & tire. On the other hand, if I'm "into" it too much, I spend the rest of the nigth reading it because it's so good. Can't win for trying on that one.

My last resort is to tell myself a story. I lay in bed with all the lights out, the soft whir of the fan near my head and start a story. About...anything. All I have to do is be really really detailed. I must bore myself to sleep with details! Most the time I get so involved in the story that I get lost in it and fall asleep.

Wonder which one it will be tonight?

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