Monday, August 30, 2004

Men & Cars

Ok, why is it that any man that I run into lately with my car (figuratively, not literally) wants to fix it? It's dying a slow death from something that I don't want to spend the money fixing. I want a new car. Is that so bad? So why is it that every man wants to tell me what I can do to fix it?

Today it was, "When did you last have the oil changed?"
Me: "I know it sounds bad, it's dying."
Him: "Seriously, when did you have the oild changed last? Want me to check it for you?"
Me: "No. It's dying, the cylinder head is cracked."
Him: "I could send you to someone to fix that."
Me: "No. It's. Dying. I. Don't. Want. To. Spend. Money. Fixing. It."
Him: "Are you sure, it's a pretty quick fix."
Me: "No thanks. I've figured this is my sign from God for a new car."

No woman is going to walk up to me a try to tell me she knows how to fix my cracked fingernail with that much passion about the subject. Why are men like this with cars? In fact why are men like this with most problems that women have? Why can't a man just listen to a woman vent about what she has going on and lend a supportive ear. Why does it have to be about 'fixing' the problem?

Do men 'vent' to their buddies about us? Is venting a woman thing? Like cramps and high heals?

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