Thursday, August 12, 2004

I fear becoming my Grandma.

I have some serious fears of becoming my Grandma. I know everyone (or at least everyone I know) fears becoming their mother/father. Not me, I know that I am like my Dad and I'm pretty much ok with that. But every once and a while I see that my Mom is turning into my Grandma or my Grandma does something so out there that it puts the fear of turning into her in me.

I know it's not rational. Afterall, I'm 34 and she is 79. I have a long way to go before I get to that state. Don't I?

Don't get me wrong, I love my Grandma. I am her first grandchild and I think that her and I have a special bond. Ok, maybe we have the special bond because I lived with her for 3 years. But still, we have a bond. She helped me buy my first car and she let me move in with her.

But she does have her downfalls. For instance the trash in the kitchen must be taken out nightly - in case something in it smells - because it would stick up the kitchen. Logical, right? Well, said trash must be put in the heavy duty bag in the can in the garage. Tied shut, just so, and then put into the can that is rolled to the street for collection. Oh, and nothing can go in the can that goes to the street without being double bagged because it might spill. Then you have to spend a good portion of the day cleaning out the trash can with soap, bleach and the hose. Can't have a dirty trash can.

See where I'm going with this?

The woman lives by herself and has 5 TV's on the main level of the house. Most of which will be turned on to the same program at any given time so that she can see/hear it when she's walking through the house. Did I tell you that she is deaf in one ear and really hard of hearing in the other? So all 5 TV's are at their maximum volume. Essentially, you scare the crap out of her when you walk in because the TV's are so loud that she can't hear the doorbell, you knocking or calling her name.

Did I mention that I lived with her for 3 years? Oh, I did? Ok. Just making sure.

Where was going with this?

Oh yeah, in my conversation with my Mom last night, I learned that my Grandma had hung up on my Mom in the middle of a conversation. Apparently Grandma is pissed that no one called to tell her if they were going to the upcoming family party. My Mom responds by telling her that she didn't know about it. To which my Grandma assures her that she told her at some point and my Mom probably wasn't listening. When my Mom tried to tell her that she hasn't said anything, my Grandma hung up on her.

My Mom then called me. Angry at being hung up on, I suppose. She said, "So are you going to the party or not?" To which I replied, "I didn't know about it."

My Mom's response was, "Yes, you did. I told you to leave the date open on the 4th of July when I saw you!" Rather angry reply I might add.

Hmmm, I see the similarity there between my Mom and my Grandma. And, I wonder, does my Mom see it? I think that I am so like my Dad, but am I more like my Mom that I think and just can't see it?

I hope not.

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  1. I'm rolling about the comment your mom made. I'm a litle afraid because I think I might be like your grandma! I have the TV's on in every room tuned to the same program too!