Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Plan and Goals

When I detailed my plan last week I forgot to talk about a big part of it.  Blogging. 

Blogging and reading blogs is such a powerful motivator for me. I think that I tend to hibernate when things are going right and that's when I most need to reach out.  I need to document the struggles that I have and go back to read them so I can see I am powerful and strong.  I need to read the bloggers who motivated me before and find new ones to share my current struggles. 

So along with the plan from last week, I plan on blogging regularly again. 

Goals are important.  Really important.  I reached out Fabulous Check Gets Fit after seeing her posts on her Instagram.  She reminded me that setting small goals to get that sense of accomplishment is important.  We all want to feel like we are making accomplishments and this is one way to do that.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds.  I honestly don't think that it will take more than about 6 months to do that once I start execising regularly and slowly returning to my healthier eating.  I hope that the gym will start helping me with body image too and regaining the muscle that I've lost. 

Along with goal setting, I personally feel like it should be connected to a reward.  Small, medium or large, just not food related.  I used to put money on the fridge that I could spend on clothes or pick out a new pan to cook with or more motorcycle riding gear.  My goal for getting to under 200 was my ring tattoo for Pete.  And I look at that infinity symbol and heart and rememeber that I CAN DO THIS.

So my goal for losing 20 pounds is another tattoo.  In fact two of them.  My fake nipple tattoos to finsh of my reconectruction.  I have the name of the tattoo artist who comes highly recommended and the money set aside to get them done.  That's my goal. 

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