Monday, November 18, 2013

I Need To Get It Together

Somewhere, along the way I lost the me who was pretty organized and on top of it all.  Maybe I really did lose a whole bunch of brain cells the 2 months of sitting watching reality TV after surgery.  Who knows?

I've randomly gone to the gym here and there, but nothing consistent.  I am attending physical therapy though and doing exercises at home.  Last week I felt my lower abs engage for the first time since prior to surgery.  It.  Was. Awesome.

I've both watched what I ate and gone back to trick or treating my own fridge for chocolate.  I hover somewhere around 209.  Not happy about it.  But I'm also not beating myself up over it at this point.

I work from home most days so I'm more relaxed, less make up and have hair that sticks up in random places.  But I also have counseling appointments, physical therapy appointments, staff meetings and other random meetings that I have to go to each week.  So I feel LESS organized and relaxed in some ways.

I am doing really good in the relaxation area though.  I've rediscovered crocheting and how relaxing and rewarding it is to craft.  I've done a few Christmas presents, some scarves for myself and I'm working on a big ol blanket.

My goals do include getting back to the gym on a regular basis.  I think I'm waiting for life to get easier, but my realization is that it's not going to get better than this for a while. goes:

Get to the gym 3 days in the next week for at least an hour at a time.
Eat cleaner.  More veggies and lean protein and less cheese, muddy buddies and chocolate.
Plan week on Monday mornings and post calendar for Pete so he knows where to find me.

I'm using this as my accountability partner for the week.

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