Friday, October 04, 2013

205.4; Friday Fives

1.  Yes, I'm still alive. I'm stuck in the office for a few weeks and can't blog on that computer. (Boo)

2.  I've lost 10 pounds since Saturday. Actually I think it's my body's dump of crap from it's stores and a couple of actual pounds. 

3.  I like My Fitness Pal. But I have no MFP friends. (Sad face)

4.  Pete and I are going to Oktoberfest tomorrow and I'm more excited for German chocolate than the beer. 

5. This week is National Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week. If you don't know your family history, FIND OUT!  That's an order. 

PS. This post was made from my teeny tiny iPhone. Not responsible for misspelled words or nonsensical autocorrects.