Monday, August 19, 2013

???: Monday, Another Day Recovering

Let's recap, shall we?

Thursday I got up and went to the gym.  Yay Me!  I walked for 30 minutes at a 3-3.5 with an incline of 1.  Then I walked 5 minutes at a 2.5 with an incline of 7.  Burned 250 calories and felt great.  I came home, ate lunch and went to the doctor.  I'm progressing exactly as I should.  I have a spot under my left foob that isn't healing, but it's ok.  I have the lump above my left foob that isn't getting better; in fact he still thinks it's a blood clot because if it was inflamed tissue and fat it would have gone away by now.  And my foobs are lopsided; lefty is hanging a little low.  But, all of this will be cleared up in 4 weeks when I go in for my fake nipples; which shall be known as fipples from here on out.  This surgery is about 2 hours in length and will be a same day surgery.  It should happen 3 days after I'm scheduled to return to work full time.

After he doctor, I hung out in the area and waited for the Farmers Market to open.  I got some German pretzels for Pete, some heirloom cherry tomatoes, basil bunch, heirloom colored beans, local sweet corn and local/single source honey.  That honey?  Oh My Gosh.  Buckwheat, full flavor, nutty, intense honey.  I've been putting it on everything and mixing it in everything I can think of.  I'll definitely be going back for more.

Friday.  Friday sucked.  I used the heart rate monitor and a sports bra when I was at the gym.  The ribs under my foobs felt like they were being poked all.the.time.  I forget that they took parts of ky ribs out when they did surgery for blood supply.  And that's the day I noticed lots of little ends of stitches poking out everywhere.  I have about 5 of them between my foobs.  They get caught on things and poke my skin.  I was sore and ended up doing much of nothing.

Saturday a friend picked me up to take me to where Pete was camping with our motorcycle club.  We left about 11 am and didn't get home until 8pm.  I was exhausted, tired, sore and worn out.  I loved being in public and with friends and getting out of the house.  But it just knocked me out.  I'm still tired today and I did nothing Sunday other than relax and rest.

Sunday I watched all 3 Toy Story movies.  I'm 43 and I still love those movies!

Today?  Monday?  I'm a slug again.  I have no energy and I'm just tired.  I think being outside all day on Saturday got my allergies in high gear and my throat is sore.  I'm still trying to recover physically.  Mentally I want ot be back out in the community, doing things again.  I want to head back to the gym and be active and start losing weight again. 

I have high hopes for Tuesday....

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