Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday; Better Late Than Never

My life in photos:

My meds and vitamins/supplements.  Some of them are regular meds for TMJ issues and pain management.  Some of the are vitamins/supplements that I usually take.  I have pain meds from surgery, a couple of meds to help relax muscles and some to help me sleep.

Gifts and cards from friends.  I have some wonderful friends who have brightened my days.  There's a crocheted infinity scarf from a friend and a shirt and some cards from family members.
My world.  I covered the pleather recliner so it was more comfortable.  I use the fan at night to help buffer sounds and let me sleep.  I have my netbook, my Nook, my phone, magazines and some crochet I started.  I've managed to read a whole book, but up until a couple of days ago, I didn't have enough concentration to stay focused long enough to read.  The crochet helps work my chest muscles little by little.  The rest is just to keep me occupied.  TV is starting to feel like it's draining my brain cells and I need something to exercise my brain.

There it is, my life, currently.

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