Tuesday, July 16, 2013

197; New Struggles, New Goals

First of all, I'm using my phone to post, so if there are weird words, I'm blaming autocorrect. 

Life at home hasn't been without its struggles. My tummy incision is sore, along with the creases where my legs attach to my torso. I struggle with not necessarily a pain, but burning. It's  as though there is a hot poker in my abdomen and likeI wore  underwear that had really tight leg holes for weeks.  Sunday Pete finally put it all into place for me. Those are the liposuction areas. Ah ha!  (I no longer will ever joke about having lipo, that shit hurts.). So I do what can to make it not, by not overdoing things. If I'm trying to do something, I stop as soon as it starts. Our house has also become a no pants/shorts house for me, and if I'm honest with you...commando. The drains in my lower tummy aren't comfortable in underwear. I swear that when I have visitors, I put undies on. Otherwise I'm making use of Pete's old 3X tshirts and a mens button up 3X shirt I bought. 

By Sunday I was behind the pain, meaning the pain was winning. I could sleep only an hour at a time and it wasn't a restful sleep at all. My Mom told me to call the on call doctor about it. But i didnt want to because I hate feeling like someone thinks I'm a drug seeker. But I was getting desperate and the Tylenol3 wasn't cutting it every 6 hours. So I called and the doctor poo-poo'd me and just told me to up the dose to every 4 hours.  I was deflated. Sunday night was the same, a hour or two of light, unrestful sleep.  

Monday when I called for my toll ow up appointment the nurse asked how I was doing. I told her, almost in tears, and she had the doctor call me. He explained that he'd rather attempt to address my lack of sleep that has really continued since surgery and see what my pain is like once I'm rested. So he called in Valium to help me sleep. I tried napping and mom Mom saw how bad it was and went to get the med right away. I slept for 3.5 hours Monday afternoon. Monday night I wore Pete's Up or Link or whatever it is that he uses for tracking fitness/calories and sleep. I went to sleep at 10 pm, woke at midnight for pain meds and right back to sleep. Woke at 3:30am for the bathroom, took meds and thought I was up for the day.  Next think I know, it's 6 am. I slept for 3.5 deep sleep and about 3 in light sleep. I feel wonderful!  And the pain is better. 

1:  get at least my upper drains out on Thursday. They're starting to irritate my ribs. The lower ones I think are going to end up staying in 2 weeks, based on output currently. 
2:  sleep in bed with Pete. I miss it!  


  1. I'm so glad you got some rest!

  2. So glad you're doing well!