Thursday, May 30, 2013

190; What 'Cha Reading? What 'Cha Watching? What 'Cha listening to?

I'm a total list maker.  Pete laughs at me because I make a list a couple of weeks in advance of going on vacation.  Everything from clothes to electronics to snacks to jewelry.  And on more occasion than one it's saved me from having to buy lots of crap when I get to where I'm going. 

So I'm putting my list making into overdrive.  No matter that I don't have a surgery date yet.  I have lists of things to get accomplished before surgery, lists of things I need to buy, lists of food to make before and have on hand when I come home, lists of modifications I need to make to the house for afterwards.  And I think I even have a list of my lists.


I'm scheduled to be in the hospital for about 4 days if everything goes ok.  I'm guessing that I'm be mainly snoozing and watching some mindless TV.  But I'd like to bring my iphone and long charging cord so that I listen to music.  Pete has wonderful soothing music that he listens to and I'm hoping that it will drown out some of the hospital noise and help me relax.  What do you listen to when you're wanting to relax?

Once home, I'm told that I'm going to be sleeping and randomly up for the first 1-2 weeks.  So during this time I'd love to get some suggestions for reading and movie/TV watching.  I have about 6-7 books on my Nook that I'm interested in, but would love suggestions for more.  I love mystery/hard to figure out suspense thrillers.  I like true stories that are pulled from headlines and explain situations/times in more depth.  I have to say though, romance and chicklit just doesn't do it for me anymore.  I think I read way too many of those books and I can't get into them any longer.  Any good magazines I should check out?

Admittedly I am a total reality show junkie.  But when I look at the TiVO, I realize that we don't watch a whole lot of series/TV.  Sons of Anarchy, reruns of Law & Order SVO or Criminal Intent, some random cooking shows and that's it.  I watch some of the Real Housewives series but not all.  I got into the FX show The Americans this fall.  But sitcoms really haven't been our thing.  I did catch a few Mindy Project and The New Girl episodes that were funny.  Any suggestions for series to watch that I can catch from Netflix or Amazon?

Movies seem to be feast of famine for Pete and I.  We go through streaks of seeking movies every weekend and then for a long time we see nothing.  My last 3 movies are The Hobbit, StarTrek and I have no idea because it's been so long.  So any suggestions for movies from the last 6-9 months that I could get from Redbox or Netflix/Amazon?

After 2 weeks I'm gonig to start crocheting.  It's going to help with moving my arms/hands without biog exaggerated movements.  Anyone need a baby blanket?  LOL

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  1. I popped over from the Weigh In Wednesday link up and have been reading about your journey. I'm so sorry for what you are going through!

    Though I don't need a baby blanket, I do have some book/music recommendations for you. I also have anxiety and found that these things have helped me get and/or stay calm:

    -Norah Jones Pandora Station
    -Alex Cross book series by James Patterson
    -Harry Potter series
    -Jack Johnson

    I think I was/am drawn to reading so much because its easy to get lost in the world you're reading about. Its like a little mental vacation :)