Friday, March 01, 2013

191.4; Friday Fives

1.  Lesson learned:  mussels plus cream sauce are WAY to rich for me.  When I was a kid, I got sick off scallops in cream sauce and it wasn't until this year that I tried scallops again.  I tried mussels for the first time Wednesday night in a beautiful saffron cream sauce.  Wonderful!  But I spent the rest of the evening and the whole next day in bed wishing my stomach was separate from my body.

2.  Tonight is the last night of our Mpls St Paul Restaurant Week.  We're headed to The Capital Grille.  This time it's back to salad, veggies and steak.  No more cream sauce with seafood.  I'm hesitant, but have been waiting to go here for so long, that I can't miss it tonight. 

3.  Pete and I did our taxes this week.  We'll be rich for a millisecond until we catch up on bills from Pete being out of work.  I'm going to celebrate the millisecond and the paying of the bills.

4.  I'm also looking for ward to a new dish disposal.  The one we have now is done.  DONE.  It currently must be started Flinstone style with the end of  a wooden spoon and then shoots water out the cabinet door.  Pete is the absolute fix it until it can't be fixed guy.  And this one can't be fixed anymore.

5.  Thanks to my upset stomach and issues yesterday, I am caught up on Real Housewives, Combat Medics, Moonshiners, Cooks Illustrated, Full Throttle and The Americans.  Love the Tivo in our bedroom.  Additionally because the anti nausea med gives me such a headache, I spent the day doped up.  Today I have a migraine med hangover and more sleep, more anti nausea meds and Tivo.

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  1. Ooh, I looooved Capital Grille! We went there about this time last year on a Friday and I got the salmon. Yeah, no-meat Fridays! :)