Tuesday, February 05, 2013

192; Blogs

I've said that a big part of my motivation to lose weight came from blogs.  I've mentioned them before...Prior Fat Girl, Mama Laughlin, Twelve In Twelve...along with others. 

More recently I've been getting motivation from the Internet, but in different ways.  Online boutiques, life blogs, organization blogs and still some weight loss/working out blogs.

I've mentioned before Kiki La'Rue and how awesome I think her online shop is.  Great trendy clothing for low prices and awesome customer service.  Some of the other blogs I've been reading are:

Simply Scratch
She's A Big Star
Skinny Jean Pilgrimage

Check them out.  Read some and see if you connect with anyone.  I believe that new routines, changes and overall healthiness in all aspects of life come from connections.  Yes, I understand that these are Internet connections and I will likely never meet these people or talk to them on the phone.  But don't discount the connection of reading a post and thinking "Hey, that sounds like me." or "Hey, I can do that. or "Hey, I needed that."

And another one to check out:  Life is Amazing  She's got an awesome giveaway right now!

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