Friday, February 22, 2013

190.4; Friday Fives

1.  Thank goodness for Fridays.  Honestly.  I don't know how I'd get through the week without them.  Well actually it's Saturday that I look forward to.  Friday is the just the lead in.  And even though Sunday is the weekend, it signals going back to work, so that doesn't count.  Yep.  Saturdays are it.

2.  My 10 year old niece sent me this text: 
Is she really just 10?  Because who references going on a cruise and needing to play with a dog prior to that?  Earlier she told me she was "confussed" which is really confused.  But Pete said this only confirmed that she was my relative, given all my misspelled words in my texts to him. 

3.  I'm a winner in my work's Passport to Health program for 2012.  I completed 11 of 13 items and was in a random drawing.  My prize?  2 tickets to a movie.  Hello Popcorn with butter and salt!  (listen, I know it's not the right thing, but it tastes so freaking good!  and I only get a kid's sized.)

4.  As you can see from up there, I'm borrowing my 10 yr old niece and 7 yr old nephew this weekend.  We're either going toThe Rollerdome to go rollerblading or to Mall of America Ice Castle.  By Sunday I should be well worn out and have little to no patience left.  Just in time to take the kiddos back.  HA!

5.  Sunday starts the Mpls St. Paul Restaurant Week.  YUM!  Pete and I split the $30 meal because neither of us can eat a whole one any more.  So how can you beat a $30 +great tip meal from restaurants that usually mean $100-$200?  We have reservations at Murrays, Copper River Fish & Chop House and The Capital Grille.  When we go to Murrays we're taking my 88 year old grandma with us.  Pete calls it a date.  And I love him for that. 

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