Monday, February 11, 2013

189.8; Mile A Day, Day 11

Saturday night we had freezing rain.  Sunday morning we had freezing rain, sleet pellets (that hurt when they hit your face...) and then snow. 

Neither rain, nor sleet or snow will stop my Mile A Day February.

Cheesy?  Yes.  I agree.  But I did my 3 miles and then went home.  And took a nap.  Seriously. 

This morning was more blowing light fluffy snow.  I slid my way to the gym  and put my mile in and spent 60 minutes in Body Pump.

Every time I do Body pump I'm so impressed with myself.  Yes, seriously.  My muscles seem to pop for a day or so and I feel stronger.  So when I come home I flex for Pete.  In turn he smiles the first time.  The second time he smiles and laughs.  The third time he just shakes his head and laughs.

Last night I flexed and told him that people needed gun control because of my muscles. 

More laughing.

If you follow me on Keek (Shevyblue there) you'll notice that I posted a video about the honesty of losing weight.  The reality is that I've lost 95 pounds and I was big for 10 years.  That 10 years wasn't good to my skin.  Exhibit 1:
I have shoulder and back muscles and biceps.  You'd never know it, but my triceps are there too.  You'd never know it, because I have hanging skin.  There is still some fat there, but there's a good inch excess hanging down 'stuff'. 

I've been working hard at Body Pump to work out my triceps so that they build up.  I'm working out so that my muscle build up can 'eat' away at the fat that I have left.  I'm trying.  But I'm no where form perfect.

I keep reading blogs and stories from people, ok women, who are afraid to lose the weight because of excess hanging skin.  And it blows me away!  I can't help but'd rather be obese because that looks better than having hanging skin?  No.  Just no.  Lose the weight and worry about the skin later.  Get healthy and worry about the skin and any other issues later.  Don't stay fat because you're concerned about hanging skin - it doesn't make sense.

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