Wednesday, January 02, 2013

193.0; I'm Not Where I Want To Be

I'm at 193.  I think that I'm up a pound from my pre Thanksgiving weigh in. 

I'm not where I wanted to be.  But I'm reading a lot of blogs today and this week that are saying the same thing.  And every blogger (including me) posts about a renewed energy to change life.  I think it comes with the new year.  There is a lot of importance placed on January First.  A lot of it comes from the 1's in the date.  1's signals newness and re newness.  A chance to do over what you didn't like and to start fresh on something new.

I'm trying to think a little different.  But then I've always tried to think differently about this.  I believe that life is a journey.  That you're on a path and you control a portion of the direction and a higher power controls the rest.  I believe that you have minute,tiny choices to make every day.  If you add those choices up at the end of the day you get something bigger.  If you add your week up, you get something larger.  If you add your months up to get something even larger.  And if you add your years up you get gigantic outcomes. 

(deep thinking for what seems like a Monday, huh?)

What I mean to say, is that those huge, gigantic goals that you're going to sit down and write or have already written are huge, gigantic goals.  But you get there one little selection at a time.  So instead of putting those huge yearly goals down, think about the smaller ones instead.  If you accomplish the smaller ones, the huge ones are inevitable.  So set the smaller, achievable goals and the rest will come to you.

My goals for January:
1.  Get back to the gym at least 5 days a week.  4 Cardio and 1 weight lifting.  Anything more than 5 is a bonus!
2.  Get back to eating cleaner and with more thought/planning.  I love the fresh veg and white meat and fish, so why did I deviate to the red meat and high cal carbs?
3.  Relax by reading.  Read something every day, even if only a chapter in a book or 10 pages in a magazine.  Reading calms me down, relaxes my quiet mind and feeds my soul.
4.  Say yes more often than no.  Turn those "I could haves" into "I did".
5.  Remember to be present, in the moment and live in Grace.

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