Thursday, January 31, 2013

190.4; Weight Loss Tips

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study on weight loss tips.. They found that the things that we seem to hold as true, aren't supported by evidence.  Things like:
  • Small changes in your diet or exercise can cause steady and sustained weight loss.
  • Setting realistic goals is important.
  • Slow, gradual weight loss is better than large, rapid weight loss.
  • If you wait until you feel ready to lose weight, you'll succeed.
  • Physical education classes now help prevent or reduce childhood obesity.
  • Breast-feeding helps prevent obesity.
  • An act of sexual activity burns 100 to 300 calories.
  • Initially my thought was to yell that they do work, because they've worked for me.  But then I read that the author of the article is concerned that tips like this really lead obese people astray from losing the weight that they need to.

    Now he's not saying that it won't work for you.  But what he is saying is that there is no standardized study that hold these items, among others, to be true.  Interestingly enough, what studies do show are things like: weight-loss surgery for very obese people; structured weight-loss programs; regular meetings with a physician, dietitian or coach; defining for people exactly what they should and should not eat; and receiving prepared meals or shopping lists.

    In other words, not everything is going to work for everyone.  You need to find what works for you, what tools you need, and live your journey, not someone else's.


    1. So true! Every body is different, so we all react differently to food and exercise.

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. I totally agree. Every body is different, no body works the exact same and no mind works the exact same so to think that one thing is going to work for all of us is silly. You just have to find the healthy way that works for you!