Monday, October 22, 2012

199.8; And Damn Frustrated About It

My body seems to be doing weird things.  A couple of weeks ago I got down to 192.  And I don't know that I did much to do that, other than continue with what I was doing.

2 weeks later I'm up 7 pounds.  I'm not eating differently or exercising differently.

I am really trying to figure this out.  I spent 2 hours at the gym Friday for running & Body Pump.  Then Saturday I ran 7 miles.  I should say I fought hard and for 94 minutes to get that 7 miles in, but I did it.  Longest run ever. 

I didn't go to the gym yesterday.  But I rarely sat down.  I got up in the morning, body sore and telling me not to go to the gym, that I needed a rest day.  So I grocery shopped, cleaned & organized the kitchen, cleaned and organized the garage, cleaned and organized the hall closet.  Then I cooked dinner and ate.  I crocheted for about 40 minutes.  Then I cleaned the bathroom upstairs.  When I went to bed I was tired from all the movement.

199.8.  I'm almost back up to 200.  Can I blame it on my body?  I've been having an irregular cycle.  I went to the doctor who put me on birth control pills to help regulate my cycle.  Ever since I started those my hormones are all out of whack (crying and happy) and I've gained this weight.  While I want a regular cycle, am I willing to put up with the irregular so that I'm not gaining weight?  Or do I really need a fill to get me to slow down and eat less? 

~ signed the frustrated woman.

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