Wednesday, September 05, 2012

197.8; I'm still alive

I'm here.  Alive and well.  I took a 2 week hiatus for a much needed vacation.  I need to remind myself that checking out of life to relax and recharge is very important.  I feel must better prepared to deal with whatever is going on in life when I do this regularly.

Firstly.  The tooth is must better.  Holy crap you guys, I never knew how bad that freaking tooth really was until it didn't hurt anymore.  Now I just have to get a crown or a fill and all is good.

Secondly and more importantly.  I AM IN ONEDERLAND!!!!!!  I believe the non eating thing from the tooth got me over the hump from the 200's to the 100'.  However, as Pete pointed out, that is not a good diet plan.  I made ONEDERLAND on 8/23/12 and sung my happiness all over my Facebook account.  And interestingly enough, even after a week of vacation and eating lots of good food and only running tiwce & walking the rest of the days...I stayed in the 100's.  I was a shocked as anyone to come back to my real life last weekend and see that the scale was still under 200. 

My reward for staying under 200 for a week is coming up.  I'm going to get a small red heart tattoo'd on the inside of my ring finger, just where my ring naturally sits.  Then I want to get some swirls tattoo'd in what they call a "white".  Something that appears on my skin like this one.  I want it there so I know it. but only revealed to people should I want to reveal it. 

If you'd like to see my vacation or anything that tickles my photo fancy, check out my Instagram @ Instagram - Shevy.  I took lots of photos and that's really how I documented my vacation.  I'm obsessed with following people on Instagram.  Really.  I spend hours looking at the wonderful things that people can do with their phones on that app.

Today I go in for a possible fill of my band.  I'm not sure what will happen, given my weight loss.  I've found that I can't eat a hamburger with a bun.  Something about the textures of the meat and the bun being too different makes them get stuck at the band.  And banana bread gets stuck for me too.  I think because it's so moist. 

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