Thursday, September 06, 2012

197.8; Band Update

I got a fill yesterday.  I am at 9.5ccs out of a possible 11ccs.  I think it may be the fill that gets me to my sweet spot.  The magical fill that gets me to the point of remembering that I can't eat large portions, fast, for 6 meals a day.

Actually I started noticing with my last fill and things with vastly different textures were difficult to eat.  I also noticed that I needed to slow way down when I ate.  Things like a nice juice burger with a big fluffy bun would stick.  Painfully stick the first time.  After trial and error (I was determined to eat that burger, somehow) I found that the textures were too different.  No matter how much a chewed, they never got to the same consistency for me to swallow.  My wonderfully moist, flavorful banana bread got stuck too.  It would go down after much chewing, but the texture was such that it would hang up painfully at my band.  I still haven't figured out how to rectify that one.  The only thing that I can think of, is making it more dry and I certainly don't want that.

Last night for dinner I had mashed, loose sweet potatoes with chicken gravy.  I ate this for lunch also today.  I had probably 3/4 cup potato and about 1/4 cup gravy and it fills me up.  Almost too full today.  I think I was so hungry that I let myself eat to fast.  Tonight is roasted tomato soup.  Don't tell Pete, but I simmer down onions, carrots and peppers and they get blended so he doesn't even know they're there.  I'll add some Italian sausage and crusty bread for him.  For me, some cheese stirred in for protein.

I'm down a pound from yesterday.  I ran yesterday morning and it felt great to be back at the gym after almost a month of not being able to workout.  But I took Benedryl last night to combat allergies and I slept through my alarm.  But I'm going tomorrow and both days this weekend.  Monday I'm going to return to doing Body Pump twice a week along with running.  I feel the best and the strongest with I combine cardio and strength workouts in the same week.

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