Thursday, September 27, 2012

197.0; The Mall

Last night Pete and I headed to where we first met.  Mall of America.

We had dinner, gellato.  We walked around and we made this bear.  The bear is pretty cute.  We were going to biker it up, but they didn't have the leather jackets any more in the store.  So we put him in leiderhosen.  As a tribute to all the German traditions we had at the wedding. 

Very fun night.

But what occurred to me as we were walking around was this:  I can shop in any store there.  I fit into any of the clothing that they have in the various stores.  I'm no longer limited to the few plus sized stores and watching as friends/family try on clothes in other stores.  This was an awesome feeling.

PS.  Pulled a muscle in my back this morning running.  Not sure how.  But I stopped immediately when just walking hurt.  Now, hours later I'm in pain.  It's spasming and doesn't feel very good.  I'm stiff to sit and walking hurts...

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