Friday, September 28, 2012

196.0; Friday Fives

1.  I'm really doing the 5K this weekend.  I mean I confirmed with my sister that I have the right weekend this time and everything.

2.  My back is sore.  I need to figure out how to heal it as quickly as I can.  I hate not working out right now.

3.  Sunday Pete and I are having photos taken.  Some with the bikes and some without.  Some all bikered up and some without.  I can't wait and hope that they are awesome!

4.  Grocery shopping.  I'll take more about this next week, but we've been "eating our fridge" before I shop again.  It's nice to see it all empty and then filled up with good food again.

5.  I really really really want my first "cool" pair of jeans from Maurices.  You know the kind, bling on the pockets, cool seams and distressed.  I'm just having a hard time paying $56 for something that I might be too big in a month.  We'll see if I can talk myself into them this weekend.

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