Wednesday, September 19, 2012

195.6; The Falafel Did Me In

I have to tell the back story, so bear with me.

Monday night I made baked fish and oven fries.  I usually just bake the fish with spices and herbs on ti.  Only I had some tortilla strips that had been on my counter all summer.  I decided that crushing those up with whole wheat flour would make a great crust.  And it did.

Yesterday for lunch I had the rest of the fish.  I heated it it in the microwave at work so the crust wasn't super crisp, but wasn't soggy either.  Only the fish kept hanging up at my band.  So I took the crust off and only ate the fish with a small banana and a sugar free pudding.

Last night Pete and I planned to go walking at the park where we got married.  A little date night for us and a little walking for the pupster.

Next to the park is a Whole Foods.  Our plan was to stop at Whole Foods for dinner and then walk.  I love all that they have to offer.  We made our selections and walked to the car to eat with the pup.  My first bite was of a falafel bite.  It was so good.  Then I had a few pieces of curried veggies.  Then a bite of a flaky crust off a savory pastry.

Then it happened.  Something was stuck.  Usually if something is stuck, I sit fully upright and it goes down.  It doesn't feel good when this happens, but it's usually over in a minute.  Not this time.  Whatever it was, it was stuck good.  I spare you the details, but it was about 20 minutes of very painful waiting.  It felt as though the food was pounding on the smaller opening where the bad was.  Just pounding and pounding and not getting through.  Painful.  It brought tears to my eyes and worst of all there was nothing I could do about it.

Pete helped me think about what I was doing and what I was eating.  It's true, I was hungry and at quickly.  I was so into the good food that I had to choose from that I wasn't paying attention to how I was eating.  Looking back it was my initial bites of falafel that likely got stuck and the rest of the food after that was just adding to the congestion.

That was the end of eating for me yesterday.  I had no hunger and no want to eat at all.  I had some water at the park.  Then we got home and I watched Sons of Anarchy snuggled up with Pete and the pup and went to sleep.  Even this morning I am sore.  Have you ever had a chip stuck in your throat?  That soreness from afterwards is what I am feeling.  I'm guessing that it's swollen and will be sore for a day or so.  I'm sticking to soups and pureed foods for the next couple of days.

So as Pete calls it, my wake up call occurred last night.  My first really negative experience from the band.  All I can say is that it's a wake up call that I don't want to happen again.


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  2. First, I love what you've done here. I spent all morning revamping my blog.

    Second, a friend of mine had the band put in a few years ago and I can vividly remember how she felt when something got stuck. No fun. I hope you feel better soon!