Monday, August 06, 2012

201; Quietly now...

I may be over the hump of my 204-205 days

I ran twice last week.  Friday I couldn't get up to do it.  My sinus' have been bothering me, which means I sleep horribly and getting up Friday morning was like dragging a teenager out of bed.  Not happening.

Saturday I got up and headed in to weigh myself, like I always do.  I do this before I put my contacts in.  So if you saw me, you'd see me bending down to find the correct button to turn it on.  I wait for the correct beep to signal that I can get on.  Then I stand as motionless as I can, including holding my breath.  Do you think my empty lungs help?  No?  Oh well.  Then I step off and bend all the way over to see the number.  This time I was shocked.  I blinked several times and then looked again.  I stood up.  Bent back over and looked a third time.  Then I blinked some more.  Then I went and got Pete.  By that time it had gone blank and I had to redo the whole process.

I weighed 200 pounds.  Almost to ONEderland.

Energized, I headed to the gym and ran 6 miles.  And I'm not gonna lie.  It sucked.  But I did it and thought of the number soon starting with a one instead of a 2.  I had a great day Saturday running errands, getting things done and a neighborhood gathering.  Sunday I got up and my legs hated my brain.  I couldn't stretch out enough to get comfortable (as comfortable as one can be) to run.  So after about 15 minutes I gave up and hit the ARK trainer for an hour. 

This morning I was back at 201.  But damn, I'll take it!  I think I may have slid over the plateau of 204 that I was stuck at.  I am bound and determined to get it down to ONEderland for a week by the end of this month.  BOUND AND DETERMINED!

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