Tuesday, July 17, 2012

207.8; The Btich Inside Me

Last weekend I learned something.  We were camping up north for our chapter's camp out.  This means that some of us go on a ride with the rest of the group and a few others stay back and greet those who show up during the day.  In the past I've always gone on the ride.  This year,we brought the dog and I agreed to stay back to greet and watch him.

What ended up happening is that another member brought their dogs and we had a bunch hanging out.  When the guys got ready to leave for the ride, I got my Nook and my dog and sat in the shade with the rest of those who stayed back.  The riding group ended up being gone for 7 hours, getting back right before dinner time.

In the time they were gone I had no way to leave the site.  I rode with someone and didn't have my bike and Pete was gone with his bike.  Available to me were things like banana bread, bearclaw donuts, brownies, chips, cookies.  All high carb, high sugar foods.  And I ate some of them.

My body kept telling me that it needed to eat and I was trying to feed it so that I could continue on.  Yet my body HATED that food.  And by the time that Pete got back I was a raging bitch full of anxiety and frustration.  In his defense, he didn't realize they'd be gone that long and he thought the rest of us at camp would go and eat something in shifts.

Right away I told Pete that we had to ride to the grocery store.  My body was calling out for fresh fruit and veggies, lean proteins and food that is good for me and tastes good.  This was the first time that I heard my body calling out for food.  Both Pete and I learned a good lesson.  From now on, we are packing food and not relying on the ability to get what we need by leaving the camp.  My 5 pound weight gain from eating crap and sitting around all weekend shows me that I need to be a better planner so my inner bitch doesn't come out again.

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