Tuesday, June 05, 2012

205.6; Pete Update

I haven't talked about Pete much and his journey with the band.  I've been focused on myself, probably as I should be.  But I do believe that Pete has figured out his new normal.

For the longest time he had a hard time switching from losing to maintaining.  I've been reading about maintaining a lot and apparently this is a hard thing for anyone losing weight, surgery or not.  You spend so much time getting into losing mode in the first place that when you finally get there you rejoice.  You spend a great deal of time in that losing mode and you get used to it.  It's familiar, comfortable.  You spend time figuring out how to avoid that horrible word of plateau.  However, at some point you have to transition to maintaining. 

Apparently this is hard.  Harder than figuring out losing.  In losing, you know that you need a calorie deficit to keep it going.  You understand what you can and cannot eat.  In maintaining you have to firstly figure out what your weight should be.  And I don't mean by BMI standards either.  I mean, where you are comfortable with your body.  You have to actually figure out a way to actually plateau.  And more than a challenge physically, it's a challenge mentally.  Your body plays jokes on your brain and you have to sort out all the jokes to get to the actual information you need.

Pete is there.  For the last 5 months or so he's stayed between 183-189.  He's figured out that he is comfortable with his body at this weight.  However, by BMI standards he is still overweight.  Does he look overweight?
May 2012
He's figured out that he can indulge in certain things for a certain amount of time before he has to reign it in and concentrate on what he is eating and when.  He's figured out that he still needs to go to the gym 4-5 times a week to do both cardio and weights.  He's figured out how to live in his new body. 

I have to be honest.  I don't even remember the old us:
September 2010
I couldn't be prouder of Pete for all his hard word and figuring it out!  I'm next up!

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