Monday, April 30, 2012

209.2; New Shoes Win

I'm still posting from my phone. I'm having computer issues at work where I usually use my lunch time to post. Hopefully for my sanity the issue will be fixed soon!

I have to give Run And Fun on Randolph in St Paul a big shout out. (They have no idea who I am or that I'm doing this). I went in there this weekend to exchange my shoes. They were so helpful. In talking with them about my shoes I asked for the women's version (think pretty colors) and they don't carry it. It can be ordered, but I'm not that hung up on the colors. Instead he gave me 30% off the shoes!


So I have the same shoes, a healed knee and big plans for an awesome workout after work!

P.S. if you've lost weight in the 'off season' of swim suit buying, where did you shop for suits? I'm going to need a smaller suit about halfway through the summer, but don't know what size. A tankini with a skirt is what I'm thinking of.

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