Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Big Sigh

My second mammogram & ultrasound revealed nothing.  The radiologist suggested a follow up mammogram in 90 days and if negative to resume my every 6 month routine.  My self fulfilling prophecy isn't full filled right now. 

In other news...

I am normal.  Really.  I have the psych evaluation to prove it.  Part of me wonders how that is.  I mean, I self diagnosed me with anxiety a week or so ago and yet my MMPI and other testing doesn't suggest any anxiety.  The psychologist says that I seem to have a healthy support system, a good reason for wanting the bariatric surgery and I'm a good candidate.  One additional thing checked off my list.

I have my second of five calls with the insurance company today. They check in to see how you're doing, go over issues and concerns and strategies with you.  Really they want to make sure that you're a good fit also before deciding to pay for the surgery.

Aside from the calls, the only other thing I have to do is lose 5-6 pounds.  I've been weighing myself daily at Pete's suggestion so that I can see how my weight fluctuates from day or day and throughout the month.  I've been at 230.6 to 229.6 with a couple of spikes to 231 during my cycle.  I had a great streak going with the gym until I got this chest cold last Wednesday.  Lately it hurts to breathe so the treadmill will have to wait.  I have plans to attack it again this week. 

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  1. Good luck with everything, Michelle.