Friday, January 20, 2012

227; My husband keeps me honest

So I sit today at 227 and I've been there for the last 2 days now.  I think I'm up a couple of pounds from my monthly cycle.  And just so everyone knows:  Massive amounts of Vitamin D will cause gastrointestinal issues.  In the last week I was down to 223.  I lost a good 7 pounds will all my issues.  At one point I was thinking this was a good "diet", the next second I was cursing out the doctor who gave me the vitamin.  In the end, sanity won out and it's NOT a good diet plan.  After 8 days I think my body is adjusted...but I'm still afraid to eat much more that soup, crackers and jello.  My doctor says it will get better.

Last night Pete had a meeting for the motorcycle club.  He left before I got home.  Knowing that we were out of soup, I headed to the grocery store for soup, crackers, jello and bananas.  On the way there I decided to get cake.  You know, because I hadn't eaten any in a while and because I had 'lost' so much weight in the last week.  Also because Pete wouldn't be home to see me eat it.  No one other than the dog would see me eat my dinner.

Then I realized that Pete keeps me honest.  It's interesting that I do my worst eating and almost compulsive snacking at work, in my office, where no one can really see me.  I don't know that I ever thought of it as binge eating when I was single.  But I certainly had my share of grocery stops on the way home to get indulgent food to eat. 

So what did I buy at the store?  I bought 4 cans of soup with less than 70 calories in a serving and mainly veggie based.  I bought saltines for some added bulk to help fill me up.  I bought graham crackers for a sweet treat when I think I need one, sugar free jello, bananas and a bag of Hershey Valentine Hearts.  Not too bad, but not perfect (which I don't expect of myself).  I had my soup, but no crackers (either kind).  No jello or bananas.  But I did have 4 hearts.  It's the first sweet thing I've had in a week.

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  1. Anonymous5:53 PM

    I have a great supportive hubby as well. He tries to help me not overeat...and he does it in the most kindest and loving of ways. Here's 3 cheers for great husbands! Sharon