Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Took my trusty CPAP home last night after getting distilled water for the humidifier portion.  I moved things around on my bedside table and set it up. I was a bit disappointed because I felt as though I was in a hospital with the tubing and machine and something over my face. 

Pete and I got caught up on Sons of Anarchy while cuddling in bed.  Then it was time.  I had to put the mask on and try to sleep.  The machine operates at a lower force of air for 20 minutes to give you a chance to fall asleep.  My thought was to read my Nook a little to relax and then go to sleep.  Only I can't put my glasses on over the mask.  I then thought about reading the Nook with large print without my glasses, but the mask separates your eyes so they can't focus right in front of your head.

So I just laid down and tried to sleep. 

It was the worst night of sleep in a long time.  Although my eyes were closed and I was "sleeping", I don't think I ever got into REM.  At some point I woke up and took the mask off.  When I think about it, my mouth was dry when I did that and I think I may have been mouth breathing.  It not only negates the CPAP, but it works against it.  After I took the mask off I remember nothing until Nico woke me up for breakfast at 6.  My 5am alarm must have went off, but I have no memory of shutting it off.

I got up and fed him his kibble and made myself some toast.  Pete came home from the gym and I told him I needed to lay down.  The next thing I knew it was 9am and I was late for work.  I have a killer headache, I'm tired as hell.  I feel crappy.  Worst of all I dread bedtime.  I know it's going to take some time to get used to, but this is hard.  Really hard.

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