Wednesday, September 07, 2011

All Over & Nowhere

I feel like I am all over the place in my eating and nowhere in my workouts.

My workouts pretty much stopped the end of July when I was having such an issue with my feet.  I can't tell you how incredibly frustrating this is.  I'm ok for 20 minutes of walking/jogging.  But then the balls of my feet go numb and shoot pain into my toes, preventing me from continuing.  It was so bad that at the State Fair I was actually happy to go back to the car because my feet were hurting so much.  I had to tell myself, "just a little farther" repeatedly in my head.

I actually went to see a podiatrist about this.  She said that there didn't seem to be anything wrong persae and gave me suggestions.  Supportive shoes that have good, thick soles so that the soles are doing the work instead of the ball of my foot.  Small, thin gel inserts for the ball of my foot.  And keep trying.  She also told me that eventually I'll want to have surgery to correct my bunions.  I've resisted this for years because I hear that it's one of the most painful surgeries.  Someday I guess my feet will be so painful that I'll want it.

So I do have new shoes.  I have these Brooks.  Yes.  Men's shoes.  My feet are a double wide (kind of like the trailer homes!  lol) and it's hard to find those locally in shoe stores.  Mens shoes seem to fit my feet better.  Oh, I could have ordered the turquoise or purple ones, but I'm not staring at my feet as I jog and I certainly don't qualify for most fashionable at the gym.  That said, I'm almost scared to try the new shoes.  Weird?  Probably.  But, much like I'm afraid that I won't qualify for the surgery, I'm afraid that these shoes won't fit.  It would be very depression on both things if it didn't work out.

As for my eating...I'm doing healthy portions.  But the kinds of foods aren't necessarily the healthiest.  Mini cheesecakes for my Dad's birthday, pretzel dog at the Fair, Sweet Martha's Cookies.  And yet, I have been eating apples every day as snacks and pears.  I just feel all over the place with how I'm eating and what I'm eating.  To make matters worse, all I can think about this time of year is cooking.  Baking sweets and breads and treats.  Cooking big comforting dinners, chili, stews, roasts...  Not necessarily what the person who is trying to lose weight should be doing.

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  1. My feet used to go numb and I finally got fitted for running shoes at a great place here in the cities. I ended up a size and a half bigger than I had been wearing!! It made a HUGE difference!! I'd totally go with you if you are interested. :)

    Also, re: food, you know what's healthy and what's not, and it's 100% up to you to make it work and made the healthier choice!! Yiou got this!!