Friday, August 19, 2011

It's better to ask than assume

Over time, I have learned that it's better to ask about things that to guess or expect them. 

Case in point.  This is my bathroom.  These are my hand towels hanging from the little cabinet.

The towel on the left I use to dry my hands after I use the bathroom.  The towel on the right used to be a decorative towel and a wash cloth and look pretty.  Then I noticed that those decorative towels were wet, messy and generally not pretty.  So I started hanging a regular towel.  I'd use the other towel for my hands or mouth after tooth brushing.

Then, one day, I was in the bathroom while Pete was drying off after a shower.  I watched in amazement as he used that right towel  TO DRY HIS BODY OFF after the shower.  So in other words, I was drying my hands and face on his behind....  I asked him how long he had been doing that and he said for some time.  Let's just say that I don't use the right towel any more.  For ANYTHING.

Then last night I came home to this:

For those that don't know, this is a dental tool used in cleaning teeth.  I have TMJ and cannot open very far.  Flossing is a a killer exercise that leaves my jaw tired and cranky.  I was given this my by dentist to use in getting stuck food out.  It's home is in with my toothbrush.

After the towel realization I decided that I needed to get to the bottom of this one right away.  So I asked Pete why it was out.  First he launched into how he was cleaning something and needed to get into a small space.  I was horrified.  Then I looked at his face and saw him smiling.  He actually used it on his teeth.

*sigh*  I'm not thrilled about it, but I can live with it.
It's better to ask, than assume.

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