Thursday, August 11, 2011

I wanna do a 5K and get sparked

Ever since I met Ann last fall at the Prior Fat Girl event, I've been thinking about a 5K.  Strike that, I've been fascinated about a 5K.

My family used to do the Susan Komen Mother's Day walks and would do the 1K family walk.  I was always fascinated with the people in the other races.  Awed really.  How could they do that?  Why would they want to run like that?  I could never do that. 

When I started at the gym almost 2 years ago, I was again awed by the people who would hop on that treadmill and go.  Go at at 5, 6 or 7 for 45 minutes.  In fact there was one woman who would be there when the doors opened at 5am and rung at an 8 for an hour with several layers of clothes on, hats and weights in her hands. 

Still I'm fascinated by the 5K.  I want to feel what it's like.  The distance, the weather, the ground beneath me, the surroundings, the other runners...  My guess is that the fascination will last the first 1K and then it will change to, "Why the hell did I decide to do this?"  I'm hoping that it will spark something in me to 'train' for it.  I'm hoping that it will spark something in me to continue training for other ones.  I'm hoping that it will spark something that makes me want to better a time.

I want to do a 5K and get sparked.


  1. Okay, I LOVE that you want to do a 5k!! Pick one in 3-4 months and register. Pay, so you are obligated, and tell me so I can register, too!!!! Then, get moving!! Walk, jog, follow a plan or make one up. Practice inside and outside. Do long distances and short (1 to 3 miles). Invite friends (ahem, me!!!!) to go for a walk/jog around a local lake!!!! YOU ARE TOTALLY DOING THIS!!!!! :)

  2. Get the book Run Your Butt Off...check it out at ... I also did Couch to 5K (it is online), but appreciated the info in the RYBO book. I followed it until week 8...then I just started running and adding a bit to the ends. I am at about week 10 now, and running 2.7 miles. Good luck!!