Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Addiction

There are times when I wonder if the food I crave is really the food I'm addicted to.  Ever wonder the same thing?

First Minnesota Food Addiction Treatment Center Opens

The "COR" program uses the Twelve-Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous to help people beat their addiction to processed sugars and food additives.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one-fourth of Minnesota's adult population is obese. Burt Nordstrand and Michelle Goldenberger founded and run the new "COR" program as a non-profit agency with volunteers.

It opened this week and offers week-long treatment programs based on the Twelve-Steps of A.A.
COR is a 5 day retreat to help understand addiction and how to overcome it.  It's based on the other models of addiction and how to overcome it.  There's mediation, group work, individual work, study groups, support groups, homework...  $650. 

So what do you think?  Part of me thinks that it would be information beneficial to anyone on a healthiness journey.  Part of me thinks that all the information is there for me on the Internet and in blogs and in books for much less money.  Part of me thinks that I'm not an addict, but isn't that what every addict thinks?

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  1. It usually is the first sign...

    If you think you aren't an addict.. and say you're not. BUT, are you really?

    Have you answered some of the questions that can be found online to see if you fit the profile? $650 is a lot of money, but it would be very useful too... just got to weigh it out.