Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Fun Day

I did something yesterday that was either going to make my husband very happy or very mad.  There was no middle ground with this one. I washed these:

Now I know what you're saying, why would he be mad?  Well, in order to wash his bike I had to move it out into the driveway.  I'm not allowed to ride his bike and honestly I wouldn't attempt to ride it when he wasn't home.  And he's not being mean when he says that I can't ride his bike.  It's about 850 pounds versus my bike's 570 pounds.  It's a big difference.

But he came home to his bags off and a shiny bike and was happy.  (whew)

Then we left and went to Dulano's Pizza.  Every first Thursday hundreds of bikes show up to see and be seen. 
Picture from my cell phone using the Instragram app from iTunes.  Very cool filter!

This is Pete in the tiny little parking lot looking at some bikes.  But the streets surrounding the place fill out with rows and rows of bikes.  Crotch-rockets, Harleys, Hondas, Can-Ams, Indians, mo-peds...basically anything with a motor and 2 or 3 wheels is there.  It's very cool.  If you live in the Twin Cities, you should check it out.  The people are as varied as the bike styles.

Then, because Pete has this thing with ice cream, we headed home to stop at his new favorite store.  And guess what I found?
ELIVS!  He's ALIVE and as of last night he was playing in the park in downtown Elk River.  Elk River puts on music in the little park on the river downtown every Thursday night in the summer.  Pete and I have stopped down there before to listen.

And guess what?  Tonight we're going to see Travis TrittOtsego Jam Fest starts tonight with Travis Tritt.  I was way into his music in the 90's and love his voice.  Tomorrow we'll head back over there for the car/motorcycle show and the festivities.

What's on tap for your weekend?

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