Thursday, June 16, 2011

No Mono

I thought I had mono ya'll.  Seriously.  I have glands the size of jumbo eggs on the sides of my face, I'm tired as H. E. double hockey sticks and I've had a headache for the last week that I can't get rid of.  So I went in to the doctor's office that I seem to be at a lot in the last year and saw one of the doctors.  He too thought I had mono, as did the student intern (who appeared to be all of 12 years old and in middle school).  So he they felt my glands, he they looked in my ears, he they checked out my throat and my nose.  Then sent me for blood work.

Now I have to say that I am a very giving person.  I'll go to many lengths to be generous because I like how it makes me feel on the inside.  Giving blood?  That's a different story all together.  I'm stingy.  I'm so stingy that I usually come home with both inner elbows and few spots on my arms looking like Dracula bit them 2 days ago.  But this time was different.  They have a new blood-drawer-needle-tube-thingy that made the process so much better and the plebotomist (look at that fancy $5 word!) was an angel sent from above to painlessly collect some cells.  Afterwards she sent me back to my room to wait for the doctor (and his kid intern) to bring me my results.

You wanna know something funny?  While waiting my phone dinged, telling me I had an email.  So I opened it.  It. Was. My. Test. Results.  Seriously!  I got my test results from my lab, by email in about 5 minutes.  Which would have been great if I A) Knew how to read them. and B) It didn't take the doctor and his kid intern 20 additional minutes to return to me.

Anyway, no mono.  Which is good, because then I don't have to explain to Pete who else I was kissing since it is known as the Kissing Disease.  Just kidding honey!  What's not so great is that I have no concrete explanation for the headaches, the tiredness and the eggs strapped to my jaws.  So it's another round of steroids to clear up the mystery virus.  Who knows, maybe this time I'll really fly like Superman on them instead of feeling crappy like I usually do.

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