Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pete & I

Since I missed the weekly Pete thread I thought I'd update you.  He's fluctuating between being happy with how the band is and thinking that it needs tightening.  Last weekend we went to a restaurant and split a meal because neither of us needs to eat a whole meal.  Halfway through Pete's meal he felt a little full.  He took another couple of bites to see what would happen.  Sure enough he was overfull and in agony.  He's figured out that there is a little spasming of the esophagus when he is getting full and he needs to listen to that.

Today he announced that he was 4 pounds up.  He's is upset and tends to think in the here and now instead of the overall picture.  So he has plans to exercise a lot and measure his food for the next week and see what happens.

Me?  I lifted weights yesterday because I didn't get to it earlier in the week.  Today it hurt to put my deodorant on because my pec muscles were sore.  Too funny.  I tried to jog today at the gym and it just wasn't happening after my weights yesterday.  My legs were tired.  So I walked and kept my heart rate in the fat burn zone for the 45 minutes. 

As for food, I purchased $60 in fruit & veggies at Costco yesterday.  No chocolate, crap or snacks.  My plan is to keep eating fresh, clean foods as much as possible and keep doing what I'm doing.

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  1. Just catching up on blogs from the past few days. I'm glad things are going okay and Pete is recognizing those "trigger" feelings. And great job with the workouts and getting healthy foods! Have a fantastic weekend!