Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boredom Equals Eating

I work in an office.  I'd say an average of 85% of my day is spent in front of my work computer, at my desk.  It's a great set up.  I have 2 wide screen monitors for the work that I do.  I have a great lamp over the two monitors that lights them out nicely with no glare.  I have a computer desk that lets me adjust the height of my keyboard and the angle of it.  I have an ergonomic keyboard and a trackball mouse.  My chair is blue and it also adjusts the height, the angle, whether it rocks back and the position of the arm rests.

Next to my computer desk on one side is my windows.  I'm on the third floor and I look out into a yard on the campus.  It's filled with leafy green trees (currently), green grass and other buildings.  The window sill is filled with various things:  pictures of my nieces/nephews and Pete and I, a greeting card or two and a big box of tissues from home.

On the other side of the computer desk is my desk...uh desk.  I have a digital picture frame with lots of pictures on it.  I currently have a 3 wick lilac candle that reminds me outside.  I have a 3 tier mail sorter for the documents and mail that I go through.  I have a tiny toy motorcycle that Pete gave me when I passed my motorcycle test.  I have a few rocks from up north that Pete and I collected on our first "trip" away.

When I sit at this set up I work on computer files and in a database unique to my agency.  As I said, I sit here about 85% of my time during most weeks.  The other time is spent on different floors or in different offices consulting with coworkers. 

2 weeks out of every 90 days I spend in another office.  I meet with clients and therefore do so in the main office.  When I am in there I must remind myself to eat.  I have no desire to snack, even if my day is slow.  My office however, is a grazing buffet.  I have red licorice, almond thin crackers, Kashi granola bars, oatmeal (usually used for breakfasts), some canned soups, english muffins (again breakfast), orange marmalade and peanut butter.

I just realized today that I graze at my desk when I am bored.  Not hungry.  Bored.  I wonder if this is why it felt better and I had better success when I was eating 6 small meals a day?  I always felt like I was snacking and that's what my brain expects when I sit in my office chair.  At any rate I need to figure out a way to retrain my brain not to snack.  Unfortunately we don't have a kitchen or eating area other than our meeting room on another floor.  That room is sometimes booked so I can't utilize it.  I need to eat in my office if I want to eat at the office.

Any suggestions?

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