Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Burn out.

For the last week Pete's had a hard time exercising.  It's not coming easy and he is losing interest in the battle that he's been waging for the last 7 months.  This is usually about the time that he gives up, stops exercising and starts eating more.

The good news? 

He's got the band to help him through.  He's got the band to help him relearn how to maintain his weight.  He's got the band to learn how to eat successfully and be healthy.  This is the time that he'll really figure out that the band was a good idea.

The bad news?  He had to go back on his blood pressure pills.  The initial decrease in his pressure is gone.  His pulse is still in the range of a daily runner, but his pressure is up.  So he's back on them, only in a much much lower dosage.

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