Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

I could have sworn that this published yesterday....the blog fairies ate it...

Pete's appointment last week was hard.  Not being able to finf the port was concerning to him and to the doctors.  After they found it, they settled on adding 6 cc's of saline.  The whole band can hold 11 cc's.  Pete went off and had his liquid diet for a day and then tried food.  He felt no restriction.  None.

Now Pete's thing has never been losing eight.  Even since he got the band he's been losing, despite having no restriction.  He's down to 246, almost to his initial goal weight.  He's been focusing on strengthening his core along with running to lose the fat.  He's purchased a BOSU Ball and kettlebells in the last couple of weeks and in the afternoons he's been doing one or the other at home, in addition to his morning gym workouts.  His core is stronger and he's noticed that his pants are fitting better in the waist because of it.  So he must be losing inches there.  However, he has no restriction on eating.

So back to the doctor he went on Monday.  He asked to be seen so that the doctor could take the saline out of the band and see if it was really there.  He wondered if the port was missed given all the problems they had finding it in the first place.  And guess what - it was all there.  The doctor explained that there are people who don't feel restricted until they reach the upper limits of the port.  So this item she filled it with 8 cc's.

Since then, Pete's felt a bit of restriction with a couple of foods.  I think now that he's felt the restriction he understands the feeling and can be aware if he's really feeling it or not.  Yesterday we were at a funeral lunch and had a few bits of a few salads and started to feel it.  He said it was a reminder to slow down and recognize his eating.

So it's working!

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