Monday, April 18, 2011


So here I am, another Monday, another sinus infection, another cough, another wonky eye... Sound slike fun, huh?  I'm getting irritated with my body for what it's doing to me and my working out.  Really irritated.

The good news?  Friday when I weighed myself I expected that I'd be up in the upper 230's again.  I hadn't worked out for a week because I couldn't breath with my cold and my eating was all over the place.  Instead I was surprised to see a 233.  It's the lowest I've been since college.  I broke the 235 platteau I've been at.  Strangely I didn it wihout working out.  While I'm, proud of the number, I'm frustrated because I imagine how low the number could be if I had been working out.  But any victory is a good one.

I had a girt card for Kohls and a 20% off coupon so I went shopping this weekend.  The 1X tops are too big on me.  They hang funny and have no shape.  I'm definately in the XL size for shirts.  Pants are still in the 18/20 range because I've got "back" as Sir Mix-A-Lot sings.  I need to focus on getting rid of some of my booty so the lower sized pants fit me.

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  1. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Woooo hooooo!!!!! Awesome job!!! Sir Mix A lot would not be happy if he read that last part of this post... ;)