Friday, April 01, 2011

235 - I'm No Superwoman

My month of tracking workouts and weight went ok.  238 on the first of March and 235 today.  But I can feel stronger, better muscles. 

What I realized is that I'm no Superwoman.

I can go and go and go but at some point I need to stop and listen to my body and my mind.  By yesterday both of them were screaming at me to listen.  I think they've been talking to me all week, but I wasn't listening.

I'm reminded of this non-Superwoman complex a couple of times a year.  You'd think that by now I'd be able to hear myself, but somewhere along the way I lose touch with the inner me.  It starts of small, I add one or two things to my schedule.  Then work or home life gets complicated.  Then I challenge myself to workout 6 days a week.  And I balance it all.  But there comes a day where the cherry on top of my life-sundae slides off the ice cream and the whole sundae topples over.

This week I struggled with a migraine all week.  It wasn't always full blown, but it was always there, threatening to strangle the right side of my head in pain.  I wasn't sleeping well because of the migraine and stress I suppose.  And at this point it becomes a cyclical thing.  The migraine was likely a stress thing.  I can't sleep well because of it.  I can't work out because the migraine becomes worse.  The stress is still there because I can't exercise it away.  Therefore the migraine stays.

By yesterday afternoon I had pretty much had it.  I told Pete I had to go to the gym.  He told me that I needed to listen to my body.  And as lame as I felt, I realized that he was right.  I was ignoring what my mind and body were telling me.  And the more I ignored, the more it screamed. 

So I listened.  I relaxed without feeling guilty about it.  I slept in (if 6:30 can be called sleeping in) and skipped the gym.  It's not the end of the world.  It's not a bad thing.  It's something that I need to accept in my journey.  And the bottom line is that this doesn't stop my journey.  I have the opportunity all day, every day, to make choices that lead me to where I want to be.  A pit stop along the way is not a derailment of the path, it's mearly a stop to regroup.


  1. Good for you for listening to your's hard when our bodies decide they need a break when it doesn't fit with all the plans we've made...

    I'm doing a lot of running lately and everywhere I look, I keep reading about how important the "rest" days are. The theory is that if you don't actually rest, the muscles don't have a chance to repair themselves from all the wear and tear. Supposedly, the rest (repair) days are the ones that make us stronger in the long term!

    So enjoy your resting time - you're getting stronger by the hour!

  2. It's important to listen to your body!!!

  3. Yes! Listen to your body! Such a huge step! I always find when I actually LISTEN to my body, my journey goes so much smoother. Keep it up!